B.C. motocross Championship Cup comes to Quesnel in 2015

One of the largest motocross events in B.C. for amateur motocross racing will be hosted here in Quesnel.

One of the largest motocross events in B.C. for amateur motocross racing will be hosted here in Quesnel this coming summer during Billy Barker Days.

Quesnel was nominated to host the event for BCMA to join forces with the province, sanctioned by CMRC (Canadian Motocross Racing Corporation).

After many years of the province being divided by regions, most of the regions have come together to put on a true championship cup.

Future West, covering southern B.C. and the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, BCMA (the Interior to as far as Terrace) and some of the PMA (Peace Country) will meet on Billy Barker Days in Quesnel for the first Championship Cup.

As a fast growing club, we are very excited to showcase not only our rider’s, our track, but our town and to bring hundreds of racers in from across the province during B.C.’s largest free family festival.

A lot of families travel together to these sanctioned events, and in this case, there will be plenty for racer’s and families to do while in town when they’re not on the track racing.

We’re hoping this will be their most memorable fun time while traveling the motocross circuit.

Two Quesnel racer’s, 15-year-old Jackson Nickolet and 15-year-old Colton Shepherd put Quesnel on the map in 2014, with Nickolet taking first overall and Shepherd in second overall for BCMA in the Intermediate class racing on 250 four strokes.

Many other Quesnel racer’s also raced well on the circuit as potential champions in the upcoming future.

Quesnel MX Assoc. will be hosting the first BCMA event on May 16 –17 to start off the season.

A lot of work has begun, to start putting on these events in Quesnel and invite any one who is interested in riding for fun or to be competitive to look us up on the Quesnel Motocross Association Facebook page or calling Gerri at 250-249-5546.

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Gerri Shepherd