BCS holds onto the lead

The FHL is unaffected by the trade deadline as BCS glides by Bear 6-2 and Fraser River doubles their pleasure in a 4-2 win over Serenity

The FHL is unaffected by the trade deadline as BCS glides by Bear 6-2 and Fraser River doubles their pleasure in a 4-2 win over Serenity

In the feature match in week 22 BCS didn’t miss their pair of Maui D-men at all as they built up an early lead and cruised to a 6-2 win over Bear.

The dynamic duo of Justin Batman Rasmussen with a goal and four assists and Colin Robin Keis with a singleton and one helper once again set the tone for the league leaders who held a three zip lead after three shifts.

A goal and an assist from their stalwart defense man Scott Little Softy Fairless had the Bear tender frustrated but it was two knuckle-ball tosses by Rob Lob Lentz that had the entire Bear side shaking their heads.

Bear did muster a few scoring chances in the second half with Glen The Chemist Boudreau using his speed to fill a prescription as Brody The Plumber Neighbour used his soft hands for a breakaway beauty.

Meanwhile in the Barn on Barlow, Fraser River and Serenity were both not playing with a full deck as the Chevy Crew outlasted the Builders for the 4-2 victory.

With BCS’s win on the new rink, the rankings are now set for the playoffs but the scoring race has definitely heated up.

With a pair of gorgeous goals Kevin Nightrider Hesslegrave holds a one point lead with three games to go with 28 goals and 28 assists for 56 points.

Also scoring for Fraser River, both of the unassisted variety were two feisty forwards as Dave Chainsaw McCulloch cut to the chase as Jim EJ Sales hauled butt for his only goal in February.

Flashing their offensive talents for Serenity were Wade The Blade Fenton and Chad The Comet Swanson who both had a goal and an assist as Eric Bonsai Bodman continues to battle out of his scoring slump with his third tally of the season.

Fraser River holds a mini miracle on the ice reunion as they over come a 5-1 1/2 time deficit to upset BCS 7-6 as Serenity flexes its muscles in a 3-2 win over Bear. 

Just over 35 years after the original Miracle on Ice, Fraser River deposited their own comeback as they overcame a four goal deficit to defeat the powerful BCS side 7-6.

BCS surged to the lead thanks to their KRM group of Colin Krutov Keis, Justin Rasputin Rasmussen and Darcy Makarov McGillivray who combined for an astonishing 10 points and seemed destined for a double digit victory.

But at the half, Kevin Baywatch Hesslegrave tossed off the shorts and donned the tan blazer to deliver his own “This is your time” speech.

Catching on fire in a big way was Kevin Brooks Hesslegrave with a hat trick and an assist as Jim Silk Sales notched a goal and added a trio of assists with Jason Mark Johnson collecting two goals and an assist.

Scoring the unassisted winner on one leg was Kris O’Callahan Hayman who despite having a hockey bag that was made in 1980 continues to have his due in powder blue.

With March Madness almost upon the FHL, Serenity’s Dan Captain Serious Lowndes gave his team and a select number of the opposition a tongue lashing and the Builders responded big time with a 3-2 victory over the tail spinning Bear side.

Skating laps in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions was Wade The Blade Fenton who scored on the first shot on goal and on the first shift after Zamboni time.

Also scoring for Serenity was Todd The Body Gryschuk who played like he had carpenter Ants in his pants as he seemed to be everywhere causing havoc and carnage in his wake.

Replying for Bear who are hoping to come into March like a Lamb and go out like a Lion was Doug Big Mack who converted his own rebound and Brody Hi De Ho Neighbour who scored in consecutive weeks on a breakaway.

Steve Dodge is a defensive winger with Bear Communications and an Observer contributor.