Billy Barker Days Fun Run host to both young and young at heart

Billy Barker Days Fun Run was a success for all involved.

The welcoming party at the end of the race offered encouragement to many a weary runner as they crossed the line.

The welcoming party at the end of the race offered encouragement to many a weary runner as they crossed the line.

With categories ranging from six years-old all the way up past 70, the fun run had fun for everyone.

Starting at 9 a.m. in a mass start from LeBourdais Park, the group of runners set out to challenge themselves and each other.

Tracing their way through the city, along the river walk and finishing at the Rec Centre, runners took from half an hour, to two hours to filter their way through the city.

The variation in times is mostly as a resultĀ  of the two courses from which the runners could choose. Participants made the choice between a 5.2 or 12.4 km run, except for the youngest category, which was limited to the 5.2 km run.

After all the runners had collected at the Rec Centre, they gathered at the Shiraoi Garden for the awards ceremony, door prizes and some snacks to recoup the energy they had just expended. Door prizes included gift certificates and two pairs of runners, a pair of New Balances and a pair of Asics from Reason 2 Run.

Bruce Haley was the first of all the competitiors running the long course to arrive at the Rec Centre. He topped his category, male 40-49, with a time of 54:20. Second in the category, with a time of 56:02, was Francis Barbosa, followed by Scott Gibbs at 59:16 taking third.

Not far behind, at 58:48, was Melinda Johnston at the top of her class, female 30-39. She was followed by Nicola MacKay at 1:21:41 and Trina Melanson with a time of 1:27:09.

In the female 40-49, Catherine Giles was the fastest, at 58:56. Terri Paul was second, making the Rec Centre inĀ  1:10:29, followed by Valri Finniss in third at 1:21:17.

The 30-39 male category Jason Neumeyer took first, finishing all 12.4 km in 55:14. Kevin Sturt came in second, finishing in 55:51, followed by Anthony Boyd at 56:59.

Sonny Cervienka was the only runner to represent the young’uns in the 12.4 km run. He finished in 59:19 and won his category, male 13-18.

The 50-59 year-olds were scant on the ground, but a couple of women showed up to represent for their age group. Bridget Nowalwuslin took first in her age category, with a time of 1:08:49. Rebecca Hydamacka took second with a time of 1:18:19.

Perhaps the most impressive were those were closing in on retirement, or were long retired, but still came out and did the whole 12.4 kms of the long


Petrie Neave, in the men’s 60-69, did the run in 1:08:37, winning his category. Bill Staats followed in second with a time of 1:45:29.

A single runner came out to run in the 70+ category. Everet Bjorkkland was that man, finishing the race, and a couple extra kilometres due to a wrong turn, at 1:56:57.

Kayla Plamandon and Craig Rodger were the only ones representing for the 20-29 year-olds. Plamandon, in the 5.2 km category, finished with a 32:08 and Rodger at 33:55.

Diane Gibbs took the 5.2 30-39 category with a time of 28:59, followed by Amelie Deyaeger at 30:18 and Colleen Realf at 30:32.

In the male 40-49 5.2 km, Matthew Havery came in first with a 26:29, followed by Martin Holst at 35:32 and Kelly McTaggart at 37:33.

Jean Renyard was the only 50-59 year-old woman doing the 5.2 km run. She finished at 28:47.

There were more men in the 50-59 category. Barry Mueller was the first past the line in that category, with a time of 24:42. Don Wood followed him at 26:33, with Peter Renyard wrapping up the top three at 29:36.

Two adventurous septuagenarians took part in the 5.2 km version of the fun run. Doug Schweyer finished in 37:43 to take the male category and Lorraine Vandeweghe finished in 37:13 to take the female category.

A couple 13-18 year-old girls took part in the run. Grace McTaggart took the fastest time in that category with a 24:56, followed by Casey Richert at 26:50.

Katherine Osmond was the only female in the 6-12 year-old category, and thus took the tops spot in her category, finishing at 44:27.

The male 6-12 category was fuller. Adam Osmond took the top spot in that category, finishing at Adam Osmond at 29:18. Jade Gibb took second at 32:12, followed by Nathan Isaac at 35:35.