Boxing club set for new season

2 Rivers Boxing Club set to begin new season. Coach Wally Doern puts emphasis on sportsmanship and fitness

Wally Doern, coach of the 2 Rivers Boxing Club, is ready to open the doors on a new season, beginning the evening of Nov. 2.

Originally from Hope, Doern first donned boxing gloves when he was 12 and travelled the Fraser Valley off and on for seven years to attend boxing tournaments.

Doern described his boxing career as,  “I won some I lost some.” 

“I was more interested in coaching.

“I have a keen eye for watching opponents.”

Doern’s keen tactical eye and approach to teaching has allowed him to produce some top-flight boxers from Quesnel.

Several boxers from the 2 Rivers Boxing Club have competed at the provincial and national level. 

The 2 Rivers Boxing Club has received awards for B. C. Club of the Year (2001), B. C. Coach of the Year (2002), and the Harrold Mann Achievement Award (2004), as well as the Quesnel Business Excellence Award (2003).

Clearly Doern can work magic in a boxing gym.

His secret, Doern said, is he tries to bring out the best qualities in each athlete, to help them achieve within their personal abilities.

Also, Doern’s focus isn’t solely on boxing.

He also emphasizes fitness and self-defence as well as a positive attitude.

Above and beyond the boxing, fitness, sparring and individual achievements, Doern has one main goal.

“I put a premium on sportsmanship,” he emphasized.

Membership in the club is open to men and women regardless of ability.

For further information call 250- 991-5061.