Breaking records since 1984

Quesnel’s school track and field teams have many zone records still held today.

Over the years, Quesnel’s school track and field teams have been throwing, jumping and sprinting their way to the top ranked athletes in out zone, with many of these records still holding today.

In 1984, a Bantam girls relay team from Correlieu ran to first place with a time of 00:54.96 in the 4×100 m race.

Also running to a record setting time in the 4×100 m relay race was our junior girls really team in 1994, with a time of 00:52.95.

Kelly Yorston set the record for the senior girls high jump in 1996, with a measurement of 1.67m this has been proven a challenging zone record to beat.

For shot put, senior girls participant Brooke Wiles’ throwing arm and skill helped her to earn a record setting 10.28m throw in 1999.

This was the second zone record for Wiles.

In 1998, Wiles met with record setting success when she participated in the discus throw.

Senior girls competitor Bevin Kennelly still holds a record she set in 2002, for the 400m hurdles with a time of 1:08.11.

In 2003, hammer throw competitor Marie McMillan threw her way into a record setting standing for the junior girls.

Hayley Hills set the bar high with her 2003 record in the juvenile girls high jump event.

In 2004, for the senior girls hammer throw, Kesley Shaughnessy beat the previously held record with a throw of 37.46m.

Correlieu’s team dominated yet another 4x100m relay race, this time it was the senior girls with a time of 4:13.15.

This record settling time has been held since 2006.

In 1992, the senior boys relay team ran in the 4x100m event setting the long-held record with a time of 00:44.94.

It was another relay win for Correlieu, this time for the juvenile boys, racing in for a time of 3:44.06 in the 4x400m event in 1997.

Also coming in the zone records for Correlieu in 1997 was juvenile boys participant Josh Guggenheimer in both the 400m and 200m events.

Guggenheimer was met with success in 1998 as well, this time competing in the junior boys events, sprinting in for zone records in the 100m, 200m and 400m races.

Also taking zone records in 1998 was Jeremy Edwards for the junior boys shot put and discus throw, as well as Kurpreet Nijjar in the senior boys 100m dash.

In 2000, senior boys competitors Nijjar and Guggenheimer still share the record for the 200m dash with a time of 00:21.97.

That same year, Guggenheimer set another two records for Correlieu one in the 400m dash and another in the 400m hurdles.

Junior boys participant Kurt Fowkes broke the previously held zone record for the hammer throw in 2000.

Also setting another zone record for Correlieu in 2000 was Brett Festerling for the bantam boys javelin throw and Jeremy Edwards in the senior boys discus throw.

In 2004, the record setter for Correlieu was Adrian Bears, racing in with a time of 00:48.26 in the 300m hurdles.

Quesnel secondary school track and field teams also came through with some zone records.

In 1998, juvenile girls competitor Justine Boulin raced in with a time of 2:25.95 in the 800m event and 4:51.45 in the 1500m event.

Boulin set several more zone records for Quesnel, one in 1999 for the junior girls 1500m race and two in 2001 for the senior girls, the 1500m and the 3000m events.

Even Maple Drive still hold zone records.

In 1998, Kellen Heine raced in with a record setting time for the bantam boys 100m hurdles.

Also in 1998, bantam boys participant Ted Law set the long standing zone record for shot put.

It was a win for Maple Drive’s juvenile boys 4x100m relay team in 1999.

Racing in with a record time of 46.85 was the junior boys 4x100m relay team in 2000.

For the javelin throw in the junior boys category, Owen Kirby’s skill earned him a zone record in 2001.

With record going back to 1984, Quesnel’s atheles prove hard to beat.