Cariboo Christmas curling

The Super League curl with holiday cheer, except for one.

The super league is curling its way to Christmas, counting down days with each button they land on.

They met last week for the first match of this Christmas season with only a single team uttering that least Christmas of terms: bah humbug.

On the jingle ‘B’ells sheet Cariboo Pulp and Paper stared down JAR Transportation in the most jolly way possible.

Cariboo barely got one in the eighth to pull out a hard fought 5-4 victory over JAR Transportation.

Sheet ‘C’indy-loo-hoo alphabet soup spilled as CDC took down A&W, 7-5.

One down coming home, A&W had built an end that would discourage the youthful exuberance from any child. It was not to be though. The CDC kids pulled off a let shot that wisdom would say was not likely, netting them the win. The CDC remain in the top spot in the league.

The Dasher, Dancer and ‘D’onner sheet played host to Willy and Billy in the former’s 9-6 win.

The sixth end proved to be fatal for old Billy when the Willy boys took a five ender to go up five points.

Investors Group and Karin’s Deli met on sheet ‘E’lf, with investors the most merry with their 8-3 victory.

The Investors rode the wave of ridiculousness enroute to a memorable four ender to give the kiss of death to the delicious deli dolls.

DLE and Franks Supermarket played to a 7-6 finish in favour of DLE on sheet ‘F’rolic.

In the feature match the Kubota boys added two anxious snow birds to spoil the ice cream cones from Franks supermarket and all their fans. Frank’s crew was heard leaving the rink singing ‘bah humbug.’

The curling continues Wednesday night.