Practice makes perfect for these ringette players

Practice makes perfect for these ringette players

Catching the ringette bug

I didn’t know anything about the sport when my 7 year old daughter came home and said, “I want to try ringette.”

I didn’t know anything about the sport when my 7 year old daughter came home and said, “I want to try ringette.”

I’m always up for my kids trying a variety of activities so I went along with her and signed her up.

Little did I know that she would develop a love for the sport, drag me along as well, and pass the same ringette bug to her younger sisters.

Ringette is a sport similar to hockey.

You strap on your equipment, lace up your skates and step on the ice.

The similarities to hockey end there.

Ringette zones force more passing, step up the speed of the game and ensure that all players get involved in the play.

There is no checking in ringette.

You need to play the ring first, but “incidental” contact while attempting to play the ring is common and you quickly learn to stay strong and skate hard.

Most ringette players I know are fiercely devoted to their sport.

When my daughter started playing ringette I was astounded by the universal love of play.

Talking to older girls or women who have played the sport their response to Ringette was always the same.

“I loved playing ringette.”

My girls love the competition, speed and physicality of ringette, but it is the teamwork that really drives their passion for the game.

They are very aware of how much they have improved. How much faster they can skate.

How much stronger they have become.

But, in true ringette fashion they also celebrate the success of their teammates.

A hat trick for one player is fantastic, but that celebration is easily eclipsed when a girl scores her first goal.

Ringette is truly a team sport.

The Quesnel Ringette Association has been active for 25 years in our community.

This year we are sending three Quesnel players to Team BC to play in the Canada Winter games.

Only one other association in British Columbia is as well represented as Quesnel. One.

Not bad for a small town association.

Ringette is a game focussed on skating, passing, teamwork, speed and fun.

If you want your kids to learn to skate, and have fun doing it, ringette is the game to play.

The Quesnel Ringette Association is open for registrations and currently has a $99 deal for any new players. The association can supply equipment as well.

If your child wants to skate and have fun there is no better time to try ringette.

One of my favourite quotes about ringette came from a rough and tumble logger from Kelowna who played hockey growing up and now coaches ringette.

“Ringette is one beautiful game.”

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–Submitted by Todd Anderson