CURLING SUPERLEAGUE:Handi Storage effusive in win over CDC

Handi Storage effusive in win over CDC and DLE bulldozes over Service Electric.

With sheet A collecting frost, Douglas Lake Equipment took advantage of Service Electric, who we missing their main power source.

The action on sheet B was so electrifying, according to eye witnesses, that teams on the other sheets had difficulty concentrating on their own games.

DLE bulldozed over Service Electric 8-1.

On sheet C, Handi Storage picked a good night to be copycats, as they boxed up the CDC crew with an 8-1 win.

Credit for the win was taken by Steve Doerksen, who one person said was arguably the best skip in Quesnel.

Doerksen was apparently supported by Steve Dodge, a world-class third, ably assisted by second extraordinaire Al Baker and led by the remarkably gifted lead Jamie Stoddard.

Handi Storage would have scored more points, but word is they ran out of adjectives.

The walloping of the night took place on sheet D.

JAR Transportation put the metal to the pedal in a 12-1 win over A&W.

JAR Transportation put their game into overdrive beginning in the third end with a three-pointer.

JAR then added a field goal in the fourth end and followed that up with a steal of five in the fifth to send A&W back to the drive-in with ketchup on their face.

On sheet E, Investor’s Group made a couple of timely steals and sent a noticeably understocked Karin’s Deli team to an early exit with a 7-2 win.

Over on sheet F, Billy Barker Casino had all the luck.

After a tight back-and-forth game against Cariboo Pulp, it came down to the last two ends that saw the Casino crew steal for one in the seventh and then stole another point in the eighth for the 6-4 win.