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Dressed for success

Quesnel Cricket Club practiced with their new uniforms for the first time ever.
The Quesnel Cricket Club imported new uniforms from India

It's hard to be a team wearing street clothes in varying hues. People walking by invariably think a pickup game has started, or people have spontaneously gathered to all take part in some mystifying activity.

So, in the name of solidarity, the Quesnel Cricket Club has imported a uniform all the way from India, thanks to a member who was there for a visit.

"We're very excited to have the new uniforms," captain of the team, Kiran Puri, said.

The new uniforms signal the team's dedication to the sport and show people they aren't just playing around out there on the field

"Uniforms make the team look committed, like there's a team out there," Puri, said.

The new uniforms, blue with red stripes around the shoulder, were chosen as an homage to the Indian national  cricket team, which wears an  all blue uniform. Most of the team is from India, or of Indian  descent.

Currently the team is trying to put together a game against the rival Prince George Cricket Club, which would make for a blue field, as Prince George opted for similarly coloured uniforms for the same reasons.

Puri is happy with the team, but sees a lot of room for improvement before they can challenge the team from our larger next door neighbour.