FHL – Paperback Writer

Nailbiters in the lumber league.


he contest on Rink 1 should have, could have been a laugher but instead a 2-1 nerve wracking affair turned up for the raucous fans in attendance.

As both teams were sporting five game streaks it was Mike (The Mechanic) Enemark who extended his tear to six straight wins as Mike (Sean) Burke saw the GM skid continue to six of the losing variety.

The difference maker in the well played tilt, who has shot to the top of the scoring race, was Chad (The Comet) Swanson who scored a gorgeous unassisted marker before setting up Budd (Crash) Carter who stuffed in the winner despite turfing his signature yellow lid.

Replying for the Chevy Crew was Kevin (Baywatch) Hesslegrave as the once Proud Mary Fraser River side can’t seem to get their paddle wheel to bite against the strong opposition current.

Meanwhile back in Rink 2, the chances of Bear ending their season-long drought versus Serenity were somewhere between slim and none as they were missing two out of their three top point producers.

But miracles do happen even in January and the 4-2 Bear win halted the five game dominance by the Builders that saw them rag-doll their furry friends 30-8.

Hoisting his Bear teammates on his back was Ian (Heartbreaker) Hannah who scored once and added three assists to flash the brilliance that saw him score 57 points a season ago.

Scoring the prettiest goal of the morning was Doug (and his Slugs) Mack who deflected a perfect centring pass compliments of the speedy and versatile Rob (AC/DC) Couturier.

Also managing to chip away a little rust from his ancient legs was George (Ironman) Ryan who scored the winner and clincher from the slot.

Replying for the Builders who had the bulk of the scoring chances was Todd (Chipper) Gryschuk on a rebound and Lee (Nitro) Naeth on a power-play that lasted 10 seconds or less.

This week in Season 3 (1996): The bitter rivalry formed in past games continued as Black used 4 quick goals in the first ½ to build up a 5-1 lead en route to a 8-4 thrashing of Red in a penalty-filled affair. Black was powered to the win by the inspired play of Ken (Crash) Randle and Greg (Hitman) Hislop who both scored a pair. Red’s Gerry (Rifleman) Powell used a Phil Esposito to score a three swat hat trick.

Steve Dodge is a defensive winger with Bear Communications and an Observer contributor.