FORESTRY HOCKEY LEAGUE: Serenity plays Santa for Blue Collar, Fraser River nips Bear

Serenity Builders skated past Blue Collar Silviculture 7-3 count and Fraser River GM nipped Bear Communications 5-4.

A rare Tuesday morning tilt between Serenity Builders and Blue Collar Silviculture saw the Builders score three special-team tallies as they won going away by a 7-3 count.

The first half of the contest was actually pretty close until the Builders put all of their eggs in one basket.

The result was an explosion by the young guns that would have put a smile on the face of Billy the Kid.

Leading the way for the Brat Pack was Dallon (Dasher) Crofts who scored a pair and added three assists as Ian (Blitzen) Hannah rang a couple off the post and rippled the mesh twice with Kevin (Cupid) Hesslegrave scoring a shorty and on a powerplay rocket before the ink could dry on the game sheet.

Making his FHL début far more successful than his latest cross-country ski venture was (Sugar) Ray Ferris who showed he’s still got game as his short-handed tap in proved to be Builders game winner. 

For the sadsack BCS crew who only had seven skaters to start which evaporated to five for the final five minutes here’s hoping that all of their Christmas wishes come true as one win in 15 games is worse than even Scrooge could imagine (but still better than Team Green’s zero wins before the Holiday break a year ago).

Lighting the lamp for BCS was Nathan Strand (By me) as George (Crash) Paul kept it between the ditches to score once before setting up (Sweeney) Todd Gryshuks first marker in 55 days.

The Wednesday morning contest featured a cold and calculating Fraser River continue its uncanny domination of Bear Communications with the 5-4 victory making it three straight for a third-place team who continues to drive toward the top of the standings.

Providing much of the offensive horsepower was Shane (Sparkplug) Baker who used his blazing speed to score twice as Jim (Great) Scott picked up two all-world assists. 

Two super subs were just what Dr. Goodwrench ordered as (The first) Joel Marsh and (Gentle) Josh Andrews both scored a goal and added a pair of heavenly helpers.

A two-week hibernation over the holidays should be just what Bear needs as the production by their franchise players has waned of late, with little used role-players coming up big this week.

Most notably was (Terrific) Travis Englund who connected for two Stamkos-like one-timers and Brad (Not half bad) Neighbour who threaded three incredible assists through a tangle of limbs. 

A goal by Budd (Light) Carter and a goal and assist by Lee (Nitro) Naeth rounded out the scoring for Bear Communications who have lost three of their last five home games despite only being penalized once in the past two weeks.

Steve Dodge is a defensive winger with Serenity Builders and an Oberver contributor.