Forestry Hockey League: Week 18 highlights

Forestry Hockey League: Week 18 highlights

Serenity beats a slumping BCS and Fraser River breaks Bear’s heart in overtime

Still stinging after an embarrassing 8-1 defeat last week, the Builders said salut to January with a jaw dropping 9-6 win over a slumping BCS side.

Serenity took a page out of the Bear playbook as they shot from everywhere but the dressing room to surprise the BCS tender.

Scoring a hat trick, that very well should have been only two, was Colin “Clutch” Keis who knocked one in with his elbow that may have gone off his glove as well.

Having his largest impact on the scoresheet since he became a homeowner was Cam “Shaft” Graham who also did the trick to go with a quartet of assists and duel crossbar ringers.

Scoring her first FHL marker on a long-distance breakaway was Shelby “Sweet” Ballentyne who beat the BCS tender like the rented mule he is.

Despite being down seven goals at one time, BCS kept plugging as they scored a trio of markers in a two-minute span to cause some anxious moments down the stretch.

Cueing the comeback attempt was “Jack” Russel Higdon who hammered in a one-timer to go with an assist; Gord “Barbecued” Salmons matched his line mates’ output.

Also getting into the act was Budd “Crash” Carter who poked in his third of the season as Rob “Sparky” Courturier finally lit the lamp to get off a season long schneid.

The other contest, on the soon to be curling ice, saw Fraser River overcome a three-goal deficit only to give up a two-goal lead late before winning the shoot-out to make the final, 6-5 double blue.

Playing like a man on a mission for Bear was “King” Richard Lindstrom who opened up the scoring before drawing apples on his teams next two markers.

It was then time for Wade Price “Is right” to control the Plinko chips as he scored on a beautiful give-and-go before earning a pair of helpers.

That’s when the Chevy Crew finally found their ignition switch as Levon “Young gun” Johnson found the twine for his league leading 33rd, 34th and 35th tallies of the season.

Goals by Ian “Heartbreaker” Hannah and Jason “Junior” Johnson sandwiched “Young guns” hat trick to seemingly all but salt the win away.

Not to be outdone in the Bear cage was Jason “Firecracker” Foreman who scored a hat trick of his own to send the game into extra shots.

Scoring the winner which would have made his grandpa proud was Pat “Ralph” Beaudry who notched the only goal of the shoot-out.

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