FORESTRY HOCKEY LEAGUE: White starts streak, Black still tops


t’s been a cool cruel winter for the White ones, but could the unexpected two-game winning streak be an omen for a fertile spring?

Probably not.

But with an ugly 5-1win over Green, White seems poised for something special with March Madness looming just beyond the growing snow banks.

The latest victory, which came on the heels of a gutsy 5-4 win on Friday against the league-leading Black squad, was all about effort as they outworked Green most of the way. 

Green actually held a brief lead as Waylon “Good Hearted” L’Heureux scored after some awesome forechecking by Rusty “Heart of Gold” Young who has finally found his skating legs. 

White’s Grant “The Garbageman” Johannesen has obviously been taking some lessons from his dad.

Johannesen shovelled in a juicy rebound to tie the contest before brilliant unassisted beauties by Troy “Human Sieve” McMillan and Brody “Rotorooter” Neighbour. 

At about that time Jim’s whistle thawed out and a parade to the penalty box ensued with both squads frittering away 5-on-3 opportunities. 

Crafty moves by a couple of wily veterans, Dale “The Mule” Bubela and Brent “Kamikaze” Carter rounded out the scoring in the contest.

The other game saw Black win their second straight over Red.

The 4-2 doubling of White whittles Black’s magic number down to two, to clinch top spot in the standings. 

A pair of goals by “Bad Bad” Leroy Naeth set the stage for the victory as George “Ringo, John” Paul made like a modern day Bobby Schmautz to score the winner. 

Joe “Walsh” Faulk got into the act as he did a 185 before finding the twine for Black’s final marker. 

A rare goal by “Keith” Richard Lindstrom opened the scoring for Red as he painted the Black defenders black with a satisfying goal before Michael “Jackson” Ingram scored a thriller as he beat it into the cage.

Steve Dodge is a defensive winger for the White team and an Observer contributor.