A telemark skier hits the slope during Troll's Telefest.

A telemark skier hits the slope during Troll's Telefest.

Free your heels

Troll celebrates telemark skiing with their annual Telefest.

Telelmarkers from around B.C., as far south as the Lower Mainland, came to Troll, pilgrims to the great Mecca of the unsecured heel: Telefest.

With bright, blue skies and soft, white snow, no one was disappointed by the conditions at the hill.

During the day, lessons and rental skis allowed everyone the chance to get on telemark skis for the first time, or to up their skills and try out next year’s skis.

The day ended with participants searching for a can of beer in the snow with avalanche gear, before the whole thing switched over to night mode.

As the sun went down, telemarkers gathered in the lodge for a meal over which to re-hash the day and wait for the draw prizes.

Before things mellowed out too much, the Joey Only Band took to the stage to bump the energy to the next level with their own brand of country/rock.

The festival had 80 people out at the hill for skiing, buffet dinner and music. Conditions were cold but the lodge was warm. Curried dishes were a hit along with the band and draw prizes. Snow cat ride was exciting until the cat broke down. The Tele Patrol handed out numerous infractions on the hill and held a mock court with lots a laughs.