Having a ball on horseback

Clinton hosted the May Ball rodeo, with dirt dance floors and horse and rider dancers.

Clinton hosted the ‘May Ball’ over the weekend, but this one did without dresses, velvet dancing shoes and marble dancing floors in favour of jeans, cowboy boots and the turned earth of a rodeo arena.

Cash Kerner, Pritchard, had a ball on Painted Dessert, taking the first place purse in bareback for $412.69, while Steve Hohman, Quesnel, and Jared Marshall, Prince George, split second/third on Bandit: Hohmann for 319.41 and Marsahll for 221.13.

In tie-down roping, Brock Herman, Knutsford, took the $677.59 purse, followed by Clayton Honeybrown, Quesnel, for second , $518.16  and Dustin Shields, Vanderhoof, for third and $358.72.

Wacey Marr, from Gang Ranch, took tops in saddle bronc on Kitty Hawk. Kaylan Eek, Cold Stream, followed on Deliverance, while

Joe Rolerson, Merritt and Garret Madley, Alexis Creek, split third on Rockin’

Ronald and Saddle Bags respectively.

Wade McNolty, 150 Mile House and Norm Breen, Princeton, matched each other step for step in a steer wrestling waltz, resulting in a tie for first/second, with McNolty nabbing the bigger, $603.33, purse while Breen settled for the lesser, $461.37, purse.

In breakaway roping Kyle Bell, Houston, took the $659.03 purse along with first while Charlie Soffel, Vanderhoof, took second and $503.96. In third, Denise Sevampy, from Williams Lake, took the $348.39 purse for third.

Shanda Davis, from Chilliwack, took the $1290.47 in ladies barrel racing. Judy Hyde, Prince George, took second at $1023.48, followed by Paige Schmitke, Pritchard, for $711.99.

In the junior version, Tasha Seitz from Savana, took first and the $290.84 cheque, followed by Bacardi Zimmerbe, Clinton, $222.41 and Mariah Mannering, Quesnel, $153.97.

Junior steer riding saw Quesnel-native, Clay Waterhouse, match Kraig Loring, of Clinton; Waterhouse took the bigger, $216.58, purse, while Loring got the $165.62 purse. In third, Tristan Holt, Barrier, received the $114.66 purse.

In team roping, Cash and Carey Isnardy, Cache Creek, each took home a $1001.50 purse for first. Joel Isnardy

and Travis Antoine, both from Cache Creek as well, followed in third, taking $794.30 each and Charlie Soeffel and Dustin Shields, from Vanderhoof, took $552.56 for third place.

In bull riding,

Trevor Lullua, Hanceville, got first on Joy Ride for a $1938.30 purse.

In peewee barrel racing Tyler Cherry, from Quesnel, took the $140, first place purse. Elly Farmon from Savanna managed second, with its $105 payout, followed by another Quesnel-native, Dyson LeNeue, in third for $35.