It’s lucky number 13 for Blue Collar Silviculture

BCS shows that 13 can be lucky with their 13th straight victory a 12-6 thrashing of Serenity.

BCS shows that 13 can be lucky with their 13th straight victory a 12-6 thrashing of Serenity as Fraser River won’t be denied in a 5-3 win over the anything but hot turkey-powered Bear boys.

The only silver lining behind losing 12-6 is that Serenity was actually down by a touchdown and a two point conversion before whittling it down to two field goals in the goal-happy second half.

Of the half dozen scoring leaders for BCS, Darcy Doctor McGillivray hit the jackpot first as he scored a pair and added an assist with the hat trick going to Ian Heartbreaker Hannah who also added a pair of helpers.

Cracking the goose-egg barrier was Markie Mark Courtney who scored his team’s sixth marker and also added a pair of assists as Les Knuckles Nylen notched a pair thanks to his twin howitzers which included the winner.

Doing their best Adam Oates imitation were Justin Time Rasmussen and Nathan The Last Strand who combined for an incredible eight assists.

Showing up for half a game was Todd Grinder Gryschuk, Grant Plants Johannesen and Chad The Comet Swanson who all scored singletons.

Finding the twine for the second time this season was Cliff Jumper Hunik and King Richard Lindstrom as Eric Bonsai Bodman temporarily quieted thoughts of retirement with his first goal since Dec. 18, 2013.

The contest in the newly renovated rink two saw Fraser River score an empty netter to give them a 5-3 win over the Bear Communication Crew.

Opening up the scoring was Budd Light Carter as Jason Junior Johnson and Kris Haymitch Hayman both scored once and added an assist.

Scoring the winner on a rebound after a scramble was Brian Breakneck Domeris as Kevin Nightrider Hesslegrave was everywhere as he earned four consecutive assists.

Scoring the insurance goal into the empty net was Rob The Rocket Couturier who skated the length of the ice before his wrap around ended the slim Bear hopes.

Replying for Bear, who are now on a season worst four game losing streak, was Lee Nitro Naeth as Rotund Randy  Crofts scored one and added an assist.

Literally playing all over the ice was Glen The Chemist Boudreau who scored a beauty as Kieron Cowboy Langdon collected a pair of assists and could have scored a bushel if his backhand didn’t miss-fire.

Steve Dodge is a defensive winger with Bear Communications and an Observer contributor.