Chelsea Brears

Chelsea Brears

Kersley Horse Club hands out awards

Kersley Horse Club handed out awards last November following a full season of barrel racing, pole bending and stake running.

After a season of whooping it up,  members of the Kersley Horse Club cleaned up for their awards night.

The evening, held at the Kersley rink, celebrated the accomplishments of KHC members in pole bending, barrel racing and stake racing.

“It was a good season,” president of the KHC, Chelsea Brears said.

“We usually had about 25 riders come out for each competition.”

To qualify for the awards, a rider had to participate in at least five of the 10 competitions the KHC hosted over the course of the summer and fall, Brears explained.

In pole bending, the trophy for fastest time of the season was awarded to Dianne Erdman, for a time of 21:583.

“She’s amazing,” Brears said of Erdman.

Brears earned the trophy for the fastest time in barrel racing, with a time of 16.244

Shayla Arnold earned a cool down sheet for high point total on the season with 136 points.

Overall, Brears finished first in the adult division with 125 points, ahead of Lori McKenzie with 98 points and Erdman in third with 55 points.

“I love the challenge,” Erdman, who has been riding horses for more than 60 years, said.

“It’s a real adrenalin rush.”

Erdman was quick to add that part of the enjoyment of competing is getting a chance to ride with Wendy Braaten.

“She’s kind of my adopted daughter,” Erdman said.

Braaten finished the season in fifth place with 39 points, just behind Breanne Lemieux in fourth place with 48 points.

Rounding out the adult division were Randelle Langevin and Darlene Davis.

In the junior division, Blaine Luy finished in first place with 94 points, ahead of Brittany McIntyre and Tenille McKenzie who finished second and third, respectively.

In the youth division, Arnold took first with 136 points. Taylor Brears and Jayden Arnold finished in second and third place with 127 and 77 points, respectively.

In the peewee division, Emma Langevin with 132 points nosed out Jessica Langevin for first place. Jessica finished with 128 points.

Prizes for top finishers included Montana silver belt buckles for first-place finishers, emerald studded breast collar and bridle for second place finishers and a cool-down sheet, halter and lead rope for third place.

For the much younger set the KHC held lead line events, where younger riders, not quite ready to ride on their own receive the help of an adult holding on to the lead rope.

Erin Doerksen was the first-place finisher in lead line competition with 87 points, followed by Jack and Anja Carifelle in second and third place, respectively.

Each young rider received a ribbon, a game and a toy or a big horse teddy bear.

Organizing 10 competitions is no small feat and requires the help of many, Brears said.

For instance, Brears pointed to Rick Loomis and Susan Freeman.

“We thank them for the use of the arena and all the care and hard work put into the KHC,” she said.

Then there are all the volunteers, led by Melissa Sword, who helped out with the main fundraiser, the barrels and poles jackpots, as well as the gymkhanas, a crew that included Lori McKenzie, Kathy McKenzie, Randelle Langevin, Wendy Braaten, as well as the Pen-Y-Barn family, Paul, Terry, Jordan and Kirsten Nichols.

“I love the people in this club, they’re all just so special,” Brears said.