Kickstarting the motocross season

Riders went down to Ashcroft to start collecting points for the motocross season.

Quesnel racer’s and racers from all over B.C., headed to Ashcroft for their first BCMA motocross race of the season.

Despite the wind, rain and near freezing temperatures, racers slid, crashed and fought their way through the mud, which made it difficult for some while other riders enjoyed the challenge.

“It was really muddy and that made it a lot of fun for me,” Colton Shepherd said.

Shepherd #82 for one excelled in the mud, having an excellent start on Saturday.

He lead the pack through the mud until a bad wipe out, which left the bike riding over him, dropped him back from first place to third, but  he came back on Sunday to take first place in his class.

Scott Davis #244, also challenging the mud, took a spill but held his first place position in both the Jr. Vet and Plus 40 classes throughout the weekend.

His son, Jordy Davis #109, raced in Intermediate MX 2, taking a third place trophy on Saturday.

Jackson Nickolette #671 didn’t let the mud slow him down either and took home a first and second place trophy in Super Mini.

Brad Perron #52 from Lac La Hache, but riding on the Quesnel team, also proudly took home a second place trophy in the Jr. B class.

Jordon Breres and several other racers from Quesnel also braved the elements and had an awesome start to the 2013 race season.

Kamloops is hosting the next BCMA race on April 27 – 28, followed by Quesnel’s race being hosted on May 4 – 5.

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–Submitted by Gerri Shepherd