Kyle Tessier

Kyle Tessier

Local boxer’s first bout a success

A local boxer made an impact in Prince George with a TKO in his first bout.

Kyle Tessier, hailing from Quesnel, B.C., took a win in his first ever boxing match, against William Charlie of Boston Bar.

“It was great,” Tessier said, “I managed to win by TKO (technical knock out).”

He attributes his success to the focus and determination he brings into the ring.

“Some of my friends said when I stepped into the ring, the look in my eyes, I looked like a completely different person.”

Wally Dorn, coach of 2 Rivers Boxing Club where Tessier trains, agreed.

“Being that it was his first match, so many boxers in their first match go into a survival instinct and throw wild aimless punches but Kyle didn’t do that. He was calm and did what he needed at the right time.”

Going into the fight, both Tessier and Dorn knew that Charlie was shorter, with a shorter reach and rightly determined he would rely on body shots.

“Our plan was to throw some good, crisp jabs and rights,” Dorn said.

The plan succeeded and Tessier managed to use his jabs to keep the shorter Williams out and head off the body shots.

In the third, Tessier’s better conditioning started to show through, with Charlie flagging. Tessier managed to capatalize on Charlie’s slowing and kept up the pressure. With the edge in the third round, Tessier sent Charlie down for two eight counts, a TKO in junior boxing.

Dorn was impressed by the calm, unflagging performance.

“It was almost a mechanical performance,” Dorn said.

For Tessier, the fight was truly enjoyable.

“I actually enjoyed the fight,” Tessier said.

“It’s just you and your opponent, no team mates to rely on.”

With the first fight under his belt and a growing affection for the sport, Tessier plans on taking on more bouts.

That means making sure his body is up to the challenge. His physical condition helped him take the last match, but his cardio training remains the hardest part of the fight for Tessier.

Without keeping up with his cardio workout, Tessier’s afraid of ‘gassing out.’

“Nothing’s worse than losing a fight, not because of skill or strength, but just because you’re out of energy,” Tessier said.

2 Rivers Boxing Club will host Rumble #16 on May 5.