Mid-Summer Fun on the horseshoe pitch

The Quesnel Horseshoe club put together a fun tournament on Billy Barker Day Weekend.

Not everyone was mixing it up with rodeos and concerts in the park during Billy Barker Days. The Horseshoe Club was, instead, doing what they do best, trying to get that horseshoe round the post. The two-day tournament was spread over the weekend, July 21-22. On Saturday, local Lorenzo Ferrara took the top honours in the Men’s ‘D’ with three wins and nary a loss. Esko Karlson, down from Prince George, took second with a win and two losses. Local Phil Erickson followed in third with the same record, with Dave Dunlop, also from Quesnel, taking fourth with the same record. In the men’s ‘B’, Joe Brietkopf took first. In ladies ‘B’, Helene Boudreau was lonely at the top, winning all three of her games. It was a similar story in the ladies ‘D’, where Benita Karlson, making the trip from P.G., went without a loss over all three of her games as well. In the junior girls division Ameryllis Braun, also from P.G., took first. The senior men’s division was hotly contested over four games. Ferrara turned out to be unstoppable on Saturday, taking first in the senior men’s division, garnering only one loss. Erickson topped Karlson to take third with a two-two record, while Karlson took third with a one-three record. In the senior women’s, Boudreau once again took top spot, steamrolling her opponents, winning all of her matches. Maureen Braun, from P.G., took second spot with one win and three losses, followed by Joyce Hamel, from Quesnel, with the same record. On Sunday, the tournament continued with Hamel taking first in the ladies ‘C’ division. In the mixed ‘A’, Elmer Braun came out on top, winning four games and not losing one. Boudreau came in second with an even win-loss record of two apiece. In the men’s ‘C’, Brietkopf took first, winning five of his games and losing only once. Ferrara took second with an equal three win, three loss record. Erickson followed with the same record. In the men’s ‘E’ Dave Dunlop, from Quesnel, came out on top over Ray Hamel, the former winning all three games against the latter. Maureen Braun didn’t lose once in the senior’s mixed category, taking first over Boudreau, who had an even 2-2 record. Karlson came in third. Once again without a loss, Ferrara took the top spot in the men’s ‘A’. Esko Karlson took second with two wins and a loss, followed by Brietkopf with one win and two losses.