One more reason

Candace Miller offers neophytes one more reason to run.

Candace Miller goes for a run along the River Walk.

Candace Miller goes for a run along the River Walk.

If you took advantage of layers of clothes and waves of cold weather to hide from exercise this winter, Reason 2 Run has the perfect group to make your summer exercise debut.

Starting the first Friday of May, Candace Miller, from Reason 2 Run, will take neophyte runners from zero (k) to hero – a five kilometre run constitutes a hero.

Participants wanting to run off winter cobwebs will start slowly and move up over the eight weeks of the program until they are running the whole five kilometres without pause.

Sound impossible? Probably, but Miller, who knows what she’s talking about, counters that it’s not as hard as you might make it out to be in your head.

“The hardest part is signing up, but once you get here you realize that was the hardest part. It’s strength in numbers. Once you get here you’ll see all these  other people there who have said they can’t run more than a couple minutes at a time,” Miller said.

“Show up and you’ll know you’ll be able to do it.”

The trick to training a group of people who get winded talking about going for a run is a slow progression.

The group starts slow, with more walking than running, and then cranks up the pace one week at a time.

“The first week, for instance, we walk for a warm-up for five minutes, then do a walk/run regiment, one minute running, one minute walking, for about 20 minutes,” Miller said.

“Then we walk the rest of the five kilometres. Then we work up to two, then three minutes till we’re running the whole distance at the end of the eight weeks.”

And before you know it you’re running for half an hour straight.

To cap off the accomplishment, participants will be able to participate in a timed 5k run.

The only requirements to join the group are a $50 fee, a pair of runners on your feet and a water bottle in your hand.

And if, at the June 25 conclusion of the program, your need to run hasn’t been fully satiated, graduates are welcome to slide into the trail running group, which starts a couple weeks earlier, on June 6.

“Once they’re done the 5k, the trail running is very achievable,” Miller said.

The base endurance the beginner group installs is more than enough to bring runners up to the challenge of the trail run, which has more stopping and starting and features different groups based on pace and ability.

The trail running group costs $75 and runs through to July 11.