Tournament director and player Liz Sales hits a backhand while teammate Jim Sales is backing up the play on forehand. They went on to win bronze in the mixed doubles (Skill 3.0) division at the Billy Barker Days pickleball tournament. (Karen Powell photo)

Postponed pickleball tourney worth the wait in Quesnel

Billy Barker Days event finally completed

Billy Barker Days was in July, but so was the height of forest fire smoke for the summer so far. The event’s highly anticipated pickleball tournament had to be anticipated a little longer.

The annual event, one of the highlights of the year for the local pickleball association, got postponed until the third weekend of August. The weather turned out to be pleasant and the courts in West Fraser Timber Park got a fine pounding.

“Congratulations to all our gold pan winners over this beautiful weekend, well done,” said club president Sharon MacDonald, who was off almost immediatly for the +55 Senior Games in Abbotsford. “Thank you to Liz Sales our tournament director and her team of workers and Linda LeCompte, Tracey Tinkiss and their amazing food hosts; plus all the volunteers who stepped up to make this such a success. This happens when everyone helps out. Such an amazing club.”

Some of the teams in the event were from out of town, adding to the fun. The Prince George Tennis & Pickleball Club representatives issued an invitation for Quesnel players to come up to the northern capital for their next tournament happening Sept. 9-10.

The winners were:

• Men’s Doubles (Skill 3.5), Any Age: gold to Fernando Barbosa and Rodney Brown, silver to Randy Brink and Jorge Fedillaga, bronze to Scott Meyer and Matthew Hender

• Men’s Doubles (Skill 4.0+), Any Age: gold to George Meyer and Chekesani Phiri, silver to Paul Van Bakel and Grant Emmond, bronze to Mark Forsythe and Veikko Paivinen

• Women’s Doubles (Skill 3.0), Any Age: gold to Sharon MacDonald and Wendy Forsythe, silver to Tracey Green and Rose Halsall, bronze to Tanya Christenson and Teresa Mack

• Women’s Doubles (Skill 3.5), Any Age: gold to Karen Walkey and Sheri Emmond, silver to Tracey Ofstie and Mary LeBlanc, bronze to Sonya Ongcuangco and Mijoung Jo

• Mixed Doubles (Skill 3.0), Any Age: gold to Teresa Mack and Mallory Mack, silver to Pearl Ardell and Bryan Dumaine, bronze to Elizabeth Sales and Jim Sales

• Mixed Doubles (Skill 3.5), Any Age: gold to Tracey Ofstie and Jorge Fedillaga, silver to Wendy Forsythe and Mark Forsythe, bronze to Deb Schweder and Cyril Tobin

• Mixed Doubles (Skill 4.0+), Any Age: gold to Mijoung Jo and Jordan Booth, silver to Carmen Paivinen and Veikko Paivinen, bronze to Karen Walkey and Paul Van Bakel

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