QUESNEL CURLING SUPERLEAGUE: Billy Barker and DLE slip into next round

Douglas Lake Equipment showed they were contenders for the title as they slipped past Child Development Centre 7-6 on sheet B.

In the first week of the Quesnel Curling Superleague playoffs, Douglas Lake Equipment showed they would be strong contenders for the title as they took on the foursome from the Child Development Centre on sheet B.

The Big Orange Machine idled for most of the game, but came to life when it counted, revving up in the seventh  and eighth ends when they stole two points for the 7-6 win. 

It was sweet revenge for DLE as the CDC’s Big Ben has had their number all season.

On sheet C, the Handi Storage team gambled it all against the dealers from the Billy Barker Casino, but in the end the odds were stacked in favour of the dealers.

Handi Storage came up short and were put into storage in the eighth end.

The game went back and fourth, leaving little room for error as it came down to last rock.

The Casino crew had an ace up their sleeve and took this one 7-6.

On sheet D, the JAR Transportation foursome stayed off the brakes and took two points in the first end and then coasted to an 8-2 win with handshakes coming out in the seventh end, leaving their opponents asking for anonymity.

Over on sheet F, the Investors Goup foursome faced the A&W root bears.

Unfortunately for A&W it was flat root beers all around as Investors stole their way to a 6-1 win.