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Quesnel Special Olympics Basketball season ends with friendly competition

The local team took on a team made up of Quesnel RCMP members on Friday, March 18

Quesnel’s Special Olympics basketball season came to a close on Friday, March 18, and the group was able to finally find an opponent.

COVID-19 restrictions have prevented the team from competing against other Special Olympics teams, so the local RCMP detachment gathered up members to provide some friendly competition.

Quesnel Special Olympics basketball coach Samantha Wright thanked RCMP member Josh Nutley for working to put together a team.

“We said ‘any chance you can round enough,’ and he said ‘absolutely, we’ll be there,” Wright said after the game.

“We’re really grateful to them.”

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Wright counts the basketball season as a big success.

“Just watching them today, the way they were doing the things we talked with them all year,” Wright said.

“This group of athletes are the most supportive, and hardest working group I’ve ever been a part of… It’s the most rewarding thing probably I’ve ever done.”

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Thomas Hoffman, who volunteers with Special Olympics, took flight during the first half of the game, dunking over an RCMP member, leaving teammates, spectators and opponents in awe.

“He is an amazing young man,” Wright said of Hoffman, who works closely with Tyler Kent.

“What an asset to this program, and asset to Tyler.”

Special Olympics in Quesnel kept strong throughout the pandemic. While most clubs were forced to drop down to one or two sports, the Quesnel squad was able to keep eight sports going.

“That’s a huge testament to our president, Rick Prosk,” Wright said.

“He’s just tireless. He puts these athletes first, he recognizes what it does for them. It gets them into groups they maybe wouldn’t be in otherwise, and it’s just amazing. He didn’t let COVID get him down at all.”

Quesnel Special Olympics will be holding a season-end gala in early April.

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