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'Roos captains announced

New captains honoured by the letter on their jersey.

Brian Kozak, the ‘Roos coach, announced the captains and assistant captains last weekend, making firm a couple letters that had been taped on jerseys since the beginning of the season.

Waylon L'Heureux is the team's captain, backed up by Justin Grouette, Brayden Penner and Curtis Gassoff.

"It definitely means lots to be a role model for the younger guys.  A lot of us with letters played in this league before, so we have to show the guys and be a leader on the team and hopefully the guys look up to you,"  L'Heureux said.

All of the players with letters on their jerseys are happy to be chosen.

"It's a big honour to me. My family has played for the 'Roos for many years and they had letters and I take it personally," Gassoff said.

With the letters on their jerseys, the fans, especially the young ones, will be looking up to them.

"For the kids, I want to be a good role model. That's why there's a fine line between trying to play an intense game and trying to be a sportsman, which is what I try to do; I really try to walk that line," Penner said.

Grouette is happy with the move from last year’s captain position to assistant captain this year.

"It feels good. I was Captain last year and it seemed like a lot of pressure at the time, especially being that it was the first year. This year it feels a little better, like I can be a leader," Grouette said.

The ‘Roos are back on the ice this Saturday against Lac La Hache.