Shotguns, steaks and sun

Twenty–eight shooters competed fro meat prizes at the Quesnel Rod & Gun Club's Turkey Shoot.

Shoot organizers Gord Johnston

Shoot organizers Gord Johnston

There are few better ways to spend the long weekend than shooting guns and taking home meat.

To slake that, near-primordial, need the Quesnel Rod & Gun Club hosted the Quesnel Turkey Shoot on the May long weekend.

The Saturday event was, as luck would have it, held before the clouds took over the sky  and stamped the tail end of the weekend into greyness.

So, with the sky blue, the forest green and their shotgun barrels holding that blue-grey sheen of steel, the good old boys and not-a-few ladies, gathered at the club to welcome spring with a 28 gun salute.

Of those guns saluting the return of spring animals, and the sport of making them your dinner, 15 were local, while the other 13 filtered in from Prince George, Mackenzie, Kersley and even one up from Vancouver.

The shooters competed for fifty meat prizes, including turkeys, ham, pork chops, steaks and slab bacon; all from Aroma Foods, to keep things local.

Quesnel winners were:

1- Rick Edberg took home a ham with a score of 9 out of 10 in an intermediate event.

2- Gord Johnston won pork chops by winning the shootout in expert class against local experts Peter malic and Adam Veley. Gord also won a turkey in the buddy shoot with partner Dave Rogal from Vancouver.

3- Tim Johnson won a turkey in the bushwacker event.

4- Jordan Booth took home steak in the annie oakley and a turkey in the bushwacker.

5- Michelle Pelltier hit 9 out of 10 targets in a ladies only event to win a turkey. She won a second turkey from the paper turkey event.

6- Dave Shmidt out-shot two other finalists to win a ham in novice class.

7- Adam Veley shot his way to victory in both annie oaklie events. He collected beefsteaks and ham prizes.

8- Judy Malic was top lady with a score of 8 out of 10 to win a turkey in a ladies only event.

Out of town winners were:

Dave Rogal from Vancouver; Ernie Davidson, Roman Chapman, Judy&Barry Jenkins, Cliff Stinson and Lori&Reid Williston from Williams Lake. Paul Caillieux and Larry Norbeck from Prince George and Brian Royan from Mackenzie.

10 turkey prizes were generously sponsored by D’Arcy’s Glass. Quesnel rod & gun club director and shoot organizer Gord Johnston would like to thank fellow directors Tim Johnson and Peter Malic for helping run the events. Many thanks also to members Joan & Rick Edberg, Michelle Pelltier, Jordan Booth, D’Arcy Longeway and Adam Veley. Sonja Johnston and Norma Malic cheerfully volunteered their time to help make the spring turkey shoot a great success.

Upcoming events at Quesnel Rod & Gun Club will be announced in the Quesnel Observer or visit our website.