The Kangaroos are back on the ice

The Kangaroos are back on the ice

Skating in for another win

The wait is over for Quesnel hockey fans, the ice is in and the Kangaroos wasted no time getting on the ice.

The wait is over for Quesnel hockey fans, the ice is in and the Kangaroos wasted no time getting on the ice for tryouts, with the hopes of bring fresh players to the ice.

With a strong line up of players coach Win Winofsky is happily optimistic about the roos chance at the play-offs this season.

Winofsky served as coach for the Roos three years ago and was excited to step up to the plate again with the hopes of coaching the team through another fantastic season.

“I know probably 80 per cent of the guys from my last year coaching,” Winofsky said.

“My thought of the season is a lot of the core group of players have three years under their belt and I think that skill building and experience will help us.”

The Roos welcomed a few fresh faces to the roster this year including Dan Kirkham, Kyle Schisler and Darryl Gagnon.

The team will also be bringing a bit of outside help as well, adding three out-of-town players to Quesnel’s line-up.

Kamloops locals Colten DeFrais and Ryan Hanes will add their skill to the Roos already strong roster.

Player Josh Macdonald from Kelowna will also be donning a Roos jersey for the season.

This is a really great league, senior AA is probably the toughest hockey out there,” Winofsky said.

“You really have to love hockey to play because there is no money involved, they come and pour their guts out and they don’t get paid. This is a 100 per cent dedication game. I really respect that of the guys.”

Every Tuesday and Thursday the team gears up, filling the arena with the sound of their hockey stick smashing against the puck as the Roos skate across the rink running exhausting drills in preparation for the start of what promises to be another entertaining season for Roo fans all across the central interior.

The Roos are placing a lot of incredible talent on the ice this year.

With a pair of skate’s laced up, Roo Allessio Tommassetti easily speeds by the competition, making this player a clear asset to have on the teams roster for another season.

Along with the teams fastest skaters, having a strong goal tender on the ice is also an essential asset for the Roos success and returning skilled goalie Ryan Manderson seems more than up to the task.

The list could goes on and on, each player bringing there own skills to the team.

With the strong group of players Winofsky remains optimistic and advises fans to keep a watchful eye on all the players.

“Win, lose or draw I think we are going to have fun this year and that’s the big thing,” Winofsky said.

The Roos face off against the William Lake Stampeders for their first away game of the season Oct. 3.

The Roos then face the competition on home ice, playing back to back games, first facing the Stampeders, Oct. 11, followed by the Smithers Steelheads Oct.12.

“The tradition here is huge,” Winofsky remarked.

“As far as fans we have the best fans that I’ve ever seen and Quesnel fans, when you put an exciting game in front of them go nuts and we are looking forward to having big support.”

Come out, fill the stands and cheer on the Roos as they play their first home games of the season.