Super League mourns loss of last win streak

Upset on the sheets breaks A&W's win streak in the super league.

Mourners in slippery shoes and winter wear gathered ’round to put to rest what had been the final winning streak standing before a slip on the ice after a few too many (root)beers lead to it’s ignoble death.

A&W’s tall-standing tower of a win streak was layer low by the Investors Groups in a 8-5 decision on sheet ‘A’.

Investors Group rode a four ender in the fifth to victory over the root beers in a hard fought game that ended the four game win streak of A&W’s.

Despite the somber occasion, the rest of the cold rinks kept on playing.

On sheet ‘B’, Willis Harper and Cariboo Pulp went through the motions, but Cariboo didn’t seem to have much to put into it.

They had an early shut down, allowing Willis Harper to go in and clear house en route to an 8-2 victory.

Jar Transportation had the rink looking like a New Orleans’ funeral with celebrations of a revival on their rink.

They came out of their doldrums and blasted Frank’s for their first win of the season, 9-4.

Douglas Lake Equipment and Karin’s Deli put on a feature match on sheet ‘D’, with DLE coming out on top, 9-4.

DLE jumped into the lead in the second  end with a shocking four ender against the Karin’s Deli and Health Foods team. Despite some questionable shot calling and shaky deliveries by the DLE squad, they held off Karin’s team as they put the pressure on for the rest of the game.

On sheet ‘E’ the Children’s Development Centre taught little Billy a lesson in a 7-6 victory.

The lesson for this week is, gambling does not pay and the well-schooled CDC team used an extra end to prove it. The Kids did have a chance to put the game away in eight, but unfortunate outside ice forced an unusual mistake. The extra end went like a well-drafted lesson plan to close the game.

Keep tuned for the new adventures of the Super League next week.