The carol of curling

The Super Leaguers jingle their way through December.

With Christmas on the prowl, the super leaguers took time out from gift shopping and Christmas cheering to throw stones.

On sheet ‘A’way in a Manger, Billy Barker filled Frank’s defense with holes in a 9-2 rout.

In the feature match of the night, Frank’s super market got lost in the woods as the Billy Barker Bandits used the Frank’s boys for target practice. Frank’s folded their tents early and were first off the ice, playing only six ends.

DLE ran smooth and fast in their 9-3 victory over Cariboo Pulp on sheet ‘B’ring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella.

Douglas Lake added two snowbirds and a Kubota girl to help them hit on all four cylinders and take over Cariboo Pulp 9-3. A big three in the seventh end ‘sowed’ up the win.

On sheet ‘C’arol of Bells, tofu beat burgers in the food fight of the night.

Karin’s health food beat A&W’s fast food again. It was a tight game, with Karin’s stealing on in the eighth end for the 7-4 win.

Investors Group did away neatly with JAR, 10-3 on sheet ‘D’eck the Halls..

A half empty JAR could not match the bull market and succumbed to Investors Group after seven ends.

A close 7-6 win by CDC over Willis Harper had the children celebrating on sheet Jingle B’E’lls (you try finding a carol that starts with E. It’s impossible).

In an exciting extra end showdown, the pressure made the Home Hardware Boys fold like a 10 cent pony (located at the bottom of the ramp.

The losing fans were treated to a free Kuradori knife set and a wine aerator.