The GOP, CCR and plenty of FHL goals

The FHL hits the rink for column inches of action.

Just like Proud Mary, the Fraser River big wheel keeps on rolling with a 4-1 defeat of Blue Collar, as Bear buries the Builders with a bevy of beauties, 9-4.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling like Fraser River was the tune of choice in the league leaders dressing room as they consummated their second three win streak of the season, 4-1 over BCS.

Playing with only two d-men didn’t seem to faze the Chevy crew as they put it on cruise control and left the skating to Ian (Sledgehammer) Hannah who streaked his way to two goals to go with a pair of assists. Not to be outdone, (Sledgehammers) little buddy Randy (Ball pen) Crofts scored once and added an assist and could have had another without a late whistle on a breakaway chance.

Just like the Elephant party learned south of the 49th, Blue Collar can’t be satisfied with another valiant try and second place in a two horse race as it still means they only have one win this season.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that despite having a respectable goals against average of just over three, they have scored less than half of the league average and a full 20 goals fewer than Bear.

With all of this data floating through Captain Mike (Mitt) Enemark’s head, look for a revamped line-up and a goal stick reminiscent of a young Billy Smith to be wielded in next week’s battle for the root cellar versus Serenity.

The other contest saw more lucky bounces than a plinko-thon as Bear could do no wrong in their 9-4 butchering of Serenity. Leading the way for Bear was a trio of defensemen who said no to their lumbering image as (Silent) Seth Phillips scored two and added a pair of assists with singletons and a combined 3 helpers attributed to Scott (Fuzzy Wuzzy) Fairless and Stu (Cyclone) Taylor.

Forced into playing forward and loving every minute of it was Scott (Gina) Davis who whirled and dervished his way to his first two tallies and added a couple of assists as his line mate Chris (Crown) Royle matched his welcome and overdue output.

Contributing a duo of points apiece, but in less flamboyant fashion, was Grant (Plants) Johannesen, Shane (The Pain) Baker and Steve (In Pain) Dodge who all did yeoman work feeding their talented team mates.

With the clock winding down on Bears surprising landslide victory, Serenity’s alarm finally sounded and they scored three in the final two minutes as Eric (Bonsai) Bodman, Doug (and the slugs) Mack and Lee (The Laser) Naeth all notched a goal and drew an assist in the losing cause.