Kurt Anderson

Kurt Anderson

Tying flies and telling tall tales

The Stream Bourne Fly Fishing Club want sot help you tie flys and find fish.

Fly fishing is all about knowing where to go, tying your flies and bragging about that one fish that got away, but was about three feet long.

To facilitate the telling of these tall tales and the passing on of knowledge, the Stream Bourne Fly Fishing Club meets weekly through the fall and winter.

“There’s a lot of knowledge in our group, some of the people have been fishing of 20, 30, even 40 years,” club president, Ed Pinette said.

That makes the club one of the best resources for fisher men and women in the Cariboo, a virtual living library of the best places to fish in the area.

Besides the local locale knowledge, the club also provides guidance in tying flies and even building rods.

The club offers a course in how to tie flies as well as DVDs to teach the skill that are free to take home for anyone in the club.

And when you’ve digested the how tos and the where tos and you’ve fished the best streams in the Cariboo under the changing foliage and catch yourself the big one, you have a group of people that will listen to your story, oohing at all the right places – even if it gets away before you take a picture.

The club meets twice a month, on Wednesday’s at 7 p.m., at Lakeview school in the library. The next club meeting is Oct. 30, with the following one on Nov. 6.

Clubs fees come in at a reasonable $20 a year.

For information regarding the club contact Pinette at 947-2702 or by email at ed@23software.com.