Sydney Watson is all smiles following her first perfect score of 300 for 30 arrows.

Sydney Watson is all smiles following her first perfect score of 300 for 30 arrows.

Watson perfect, targets Vegas

Quesnel archer, Sydney Watson shot her first ever perfect round of 300 points on 30 arrows last weekend.

There were smiles, hugs and high-fives all around when Sydney Watson stepped away from the line last Saturday at Barlow Creek Hall.

“It’s amazing,” coach Dale Chapplow said of Watson’s first ever perfect 300 score for 30 arrows in her second round at the Quesnel River Archers Indoor 1200 meet.

Watson, 17, said she wasn’t nervous as she was shooting her final three arrows with perfection in her sights.

But she did have a few thoughts going through her mind.

“I was just telling myself to have a loose grip and do my release properly,” she explained.

For Scott Watson, Sydney’s father, the accomplishment is just another sign of her progression and a feather in her cap.

“It’s pretty awesome,” he said of Sydney’s accomplishment.

“She’s been beating me all year.

“I’ve even improved, but I still can’t seem to beat her.”

Other archers from the Quesnel Archers Club to have good weekends included Sydney’s sister Emerie who took first place in women’s pre-cub compound bow competition and Chloe Raynor who took first place in women’s cadet barebow competition.

On the men’s side, Andres Street took first place in cub compound bow competition, Joel Scheck earned first place in the cadet compound bow division and Devin Cool finished ahead of the pack in junior recurve bow competition.

John Scheck and Terry Street finished second and third, respectively in the senior bowhunter division, Wayne Schaefer took third place in master’s bowhunter competition and Brad Chudiak took a second place in the master’s compound bow division.

Sydney doesn’t have time to enjoy her success as she is now in Las Vegas, NV to take part in the World Archery Indoor Championships, Feb. 5 – 9, sponsored by the International Archery Federation Council.

She follows that next weekend, Feb. 10 – 12, with another tournament in Las Vegas, the World Archery Festival hosted by the National Field Archery Association.

Scoring a perfect 300 last weekend, just before the Las Vegas championships could not have come at a better time, Scott Watson said.

“Confidence-wise this means a lot going into the world championships,” he said.

The Las Vegas championships will be Sydney’s second and third shots at international competition and the pressure and excitement of it all doesn’t seem to have her frazzled.

“I’m excited about the indoor championships,” Sydney said.

Chapplow is also optimistic about how Sydney will fare in Las Vegas.

“If she shoots like she did today, she can finish top four,” he said.

In addition to Chapplow, Watson will have a handful of family on hand to lend their support in Las Vegas.

Although having family around could add some pressure, Sydney was clear on how it would affect her.

“I’m not going to let it bother me, I have to ignore them,” she said with a laugh.