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White light, white heat

The Lightning Creek Ski Club end the season with fun and medals at Sun Peaks.
Sun Peaks race Dual Glalom

The Lightning Creek Ski Club finished off their season before the mountains green, taking a raft of medals at Sun Peaks to end the season on a high note before closing out the season in parent vs. kid race and awards day on the Final day of March.

The team, with a contingent of 50 skiers, took 12 medals over the course of the competitions.

Skiers participated in five events: kombi, dual glalom, jump, speed and moguls. Medals were awarded in kombi, glalom and moguls.

Lightning Creek also had 36 of their skiers sitting in the top three of the speed and jump competitions, but no medals were given out in those events.

Lauren Larsen, a five year-old competitor, was clocked at her highest speed: a car-beating 68 km/h.

“It was a little scary, but really, really fun,” she said.

Parents joined their children on the slopes at Troll to take in the final team outing of the season in a fun race.

After the fun races, the team gathered for a potluck and awards banquet.

Delwisch was particularly happy to hand out the 100% attendance award to 30 skiers, over half the team.

The club is looking to grow as it finishes off a succesful season.

“Our Nancy Greene program is very solid and we feel it is time to take the next step to Alpine,” club president, Craig Delwisch said.

The club is working towards an Alpine program for next year, which is the next step above the Nancy Greene program.

“These racers (Alpine) will require more training, time on the hill and possibly dryland throughout the year,” he said.

The team would like to thank all the people who were generous with time or money and made the season possible.

“We would like to thank all of our parents, coaches and executive for the effort that is put in over the season,” Delwisch said.

“We would also like to thank all of our sponsors from the season.”