Winter Weight

Good bye Kung Fu, I barely knew you.

With a cold putting a damper on my last week of Kung Fu, it feels like I barely got started; I was there for three weeks, but it’s a five-year commitment to make it to the famed black belt, after which you really start to get going.

There is a lot to learn.

Along with all the interesting moves, pressure points and ways to hurt people, I learned that after a while even something as difficult and tiring as exercise becomes a part of your life.

Now, you see, I’m lazy – it’s not a great thing, but I’m being honest here with you, baring my heart, if you will. So, for this lazy guy to miss leaving the house to go somewhere else where I will have to exercise and may be put through the fire that is tabata, or interval training, is quite an about face.

However, this indeed, was a miracle I witnessed myself as I debated whether or not I should go to Kung Fu despite not feeling well. Then, after a week without activity, something was feeling a bit off and I realized it was the lack of activity in my life.

Let me just say, I was surprised at this turn of events.

Now, however, I fear my resolve has begun to weaken, leaving me in the nearly fugue-like state I was in before this experiment in movement began. I am saying good bye to Kung Fu (au revoir, I barely knew you) and saying hello to… well, I have yet to come to any firm plans in that regard.

It’s a bittersweet feeling as I can now look forward to even more time doing nothing, but the bitter realization comes when I realize that time will be wasted more proficiently, boredom will grow along with my waistline if I’m not careful.

But rest assured, the need to fill pages, if not any actual gumption on my end, is pushing me to find a new place in which to embarrass myself.

So keep tuned to see whether laziness or industriousness wins.

Jonas Gagnon is a sport writer for the Observer on a mission to visit clubs.