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New Wells councillor eager to start after second drawing of lots

Shannon McDonagh said she’s been “up and down emotionally” throughout the process
Shannon McDonagh was elected to Wells council after a tie, and two separate drawing of lots. (Photo Submitted)

It took two weeks after election night, but Shannon McDonagh was finally named as the District of Wells’ final councillor on Friday, Feb. 18.

McDonagh was reported as losing out on the final council spot in a Feb. 5 byelection to John Aiken by a single vote, but the two candidates had actually tied.

“I was waiting for the results, and had a friend tell me I had lost by one,” she said.

“I had no idea that they had done the draw or anything like that. Later that evening because people started asking what happens when there is a tie, that’s when people were talking about the draw.”

A judicial recount was ordered by the province and was carried out at the Quesnel courthouse on Feb. 18. The recount confirmed the tie, and a re-drawing of lots gave McDonagh the win.

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“I wasn’t even in town (during the recount), we went to Hinton, and when we hit the hotel, everything blew up on my phone,” she said.

McDonagh, who works at the post office inside the Jack ‘O Clubs, said the anticipation of the election was stressful because she hates waiting.

“I was good, when I heard the results, then people started talking about the draw and all that stuff,” she said.

“It’s definitely been very up and down emotionally.”

McDonagh, alongside the rest of new councillors and mayor Ed Coleman elected during the Feb. 5 byelection were sworn in at a council meeting on Feb. 22.

“I had a lot of people encourage me to run because they believe I am here for the people,” she said.

“I hear a lot of people, and I’m willing to listen to their complaints, or their ideas or concerns, things that they’re happy about, so I thought why not be there for a voice.”

McDonagh and the rest of Wells council will turn towards approving a budget in the coming month and preparing to serve the rest of their term.

“It’s definitely a learning curve, and I’m willing to do it,” she said.

“There’s a lot of numbers I have to learn, a lot of information I have to dig through and understand.”

Municipal elections across B.C. will take place this October.

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